Spring Skiing on the East Coast

Discover the best East Coast spring skiing destinations like Stowe and Okemo. From changing weather to closing dates, get the inside scoop on planning your ski getaway!

A groomed view of Attitash on a spring day

Spring Skiing on the East Coast

As winter transitions into spring on the East Coast, there are still plenty of opportunities for skiing and riding at resorts like Stowe, Okemo, Attitash, and Mount Sunapee. The changing weather conditions and softer snow create a different atmosphere on the slopes, making it a favorite time of season for anyone who likes warmer temps. 

Some of the best spring skiing on the East Coast can be found at the resorts below, but you should know a few essentials if you plan to visit any of them this time of year. We’ll explore some of the typical expectations, resort closing dates, and other must-know info here to help you know where to go ski in spring break and beyond. 

Expectations for Spring Skiing on the East Coast

Spring skiing on the East Coast is usually marked by a nice blend of winter’s lingering chill and the slow but sure approach of warmer days. Skiers and riders can expect milder temperatures during the day, making for a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the slopes. With warmer temperatures, the snow on the slopes will transform, becoming softer and stickier than during the height of winter. If the nights are still cold enough to freeze, this soft snow can turn to ice, making conditions challenging in the morning. Groomed runs are your best bet when the lifts open if this is the case. 

One notable aspect of spring skiing is the extended daylight hours, allowing you to maximize your time on the slopes if the resort stays open a bit later. Some resorts remain open an extra half hour or hour later during the spring, but always check with the location you plan to visit to know for sure.

Don’t expect prime snow conditions during spring at most East Coast resorts. With warmer weather comes the potential for highly variable conditions. Skiers and riders need to be prepared for a mix of soft and slushy snow, especially in the afternoons. This makes proper waxing and tuning of your equipment crucial during this time of year to ensure optimal performance on changing surfaces. A warmer-season wax can go a long way toward helping your skis or board slide better over slushy snow.  

Best East Coast Spring Skiing Destinations

As spring progresses, resorts on the East Coast typically announce their closing dates, signaling the end of the ski season. Depending on snow coverage, temperatures, and other factors, this date can vary from resort to resort and change every season. It’s essential to stay updated on the closing dates so you can plan your trip accordingly. 


Stowe, in Vermont, is known for its diverse terrain and stunning mountain vistas. The resort usually extends its season into April, providing skiers and riders with good opportunity to savor the last moments of winter. Specific closing dates can vary based on snow conditions, so check the official website for the exact announcement. 


Okemo is another popular spring skiing destination in Vermont, with a variety of trails and well-groomed slopes. This resort also tends to keep its lifts running into April, but again, this is always dependent on snow and weather. Okemo's Apres Afternoons kick it up a notch in the spring with games, raffles, an outdoor BBQ station, and more.


Attitash in New Hampshire is a top destination in New England any time during the winter and boasts some good opportunities for spring skiing and Events. Don't miss Attitash's groovy Spring Sendoff featuring the 70's tribute band Motor Booty Affair. Plentiful spring snow typically allows this resort to stay open into early April.


Wildcat is another resort in New Hampshire with solid spring skiing conditions. It has a calendar full of events, including a pond skim and other fun activities.

Mount Sunapee 

Mount Sunapee is another special spring skiing location in New Hampshire. It’s set in a state park, offering amazing views and unmatched beauty. The resort has a wide variety of terrain, usually open until early April, although not all terrain may be open until closing day. 

Mount Snow

Mount Snow typically has some of the latest spring skiing of all the resorts on the East Coast. There are also plenty of activities here this time of the season, for lots of fun on and off the slopes, including the resort's legendary springtime Reggaefest event, which features touring reggae acts along with a pond skim competition.

What Skiers and Riders Need to Know 

If you are gearing up for a spring skiing or riding adventure, there are a few essential things to keep in mind. Staying informed about current ski conditions and weather forecasts is key. The variability in spring weather on the East Coast means that conditions can change rapidly, and being prepared for different scenarios ensures a safer and more enjoyable experience. 

Additionally, dressing appropriately is crucial during spring skiing. Layering allows for adjustments as temperatures fluctuate throughout the day. Sun protection, including sunscreen and sunglasses, becomes essential due to increased exposure and glare. 

For those planning to explore Stowe, Mount Snow, and Okemo specifically, checking with the resorts for any special spring events or promotions is advisable. Some resorts may host spring festivals or other end of season events. 

Spring skiing on the East Coast offers a unique and exhilarating experience alongside a few seasonal challenges to stay aware of. With the proper preparation and awareness of closing dates and conditions, you can make the most of this transitional season and say goodbye to winter in style at any of these amazing resorts.